Reinventing now

The world is definitely in a time of confusion and uncertainty like we have never experienced before. Some of us have been fortunate enough to have stable jobs and income while others will have to entirely rethink their career. This Harvard Business Review article provides great insight and support for reinventing in the times of coronavirus.

The article discusses the concept of liminality which I had to think about a little more. Here’s the definition (I love definitions by the way. They create a great starting point):

Post - Birth and Beyond

This phase is often the most confusing and creates a point where we can get stuck or move forward.

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While it feels scary, this phase gives us the moment to pause and create clarity about the direction we are going. Trying to control this phase or deeming an outcome as “impossible” will only create regrets. The path to where we want to go is never certain, but allowing events to unfold and embracing the process makes the ride a lot more fun. I have found that when I overthink, create tension within myself or fail to listen to my intuition, the outcomes are less than optimal. As discussed in the article, the place between holding on and letting go allows us to process the feelings the arise within this uncertainty and keeps us from shying away from opportunity. This hypervigilant state creates an arousal of emotion that creates the inertia for moving towards our full selves. The liminal phase allows us to deal with our inner issues. Embracing this place and allowing ourselves to have time for reflection and self care can make this space a place of growth and opportunity.

The article also identifies the importance of talking it out. When we self reflect we stay within in our own limited scope of knowledge and experience. I equate this to a jumbled up ball of yarn:

Confusdious says "life is like a ball of yarn, you never know if it's the  beginning or the end." - Cheezburger - Funny Memes | Funny Pictures

Sometimes our thoughts get caught up in our heads and it is impossible to know where the beginning, end or even the middle lies. The ability to talk issues out allows us to clearly see what we have been processing in the liminal phase of change and define clarity and actionable opportunities. Talking allows for an expansion of our experiences by engaging in the opportunity to see issues from different perspectives. Have a confidant and friend that supports you in your journey. You must be this person for others to have it reciprocated to you.

Acknowledging where you are and where you want to go will define your path and start the process of your journey. Embrace the phases of the journey, engage others when needed and ultimately don’t be afraid to be yourself and take the journey forward. The result is that you find a path and an outcome that you never knew was possible.

If You're on the Right Path it Will Always be Uphill - Oh Sweet Basil

What are your most valuable tools for finding the balance between self reflection and human engagement? I would love to hear your thoughts below!

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