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Get Busy Living

Quotes are a dime a dozen, but I think there are very few people who do not have a quote that truly resonates with them. We are all searching for meaning, purpose, knowledge and answers and quotes tend to provide some insight into our constant yearning for clarity in our lives. For me, the above … Continue reading Get Busy Living

Reinventing now

The world is definitely in a time of confusion and uncertainty like we have never experienced before. Some of us have been fortunate enough to have stable jobs and income while others will have to entirely rethink their career. This Harvard Business Review article provides great insight and support for reinventing in the times of … Continue reading Reinventing now

Go Play

Today, I sit on the shores of South Lake Tahoe blogging on the beach. I have been in this same spot probably close to a thousand times over the last 13 of 25 years that I have lived here. I am not at the spot where most people come to hang out in Tahoe as … Continue reading Go Play

Reinventing Healthcare.

Healthcare in the United States is a mess. I could reiterate the complexities, but my fellow MBA student, Lali Sekhon, has done an impeccable job of highlighting the issue in the Healthcare 101 series in his blog. From a high level, we are riddled with exorbitant costs, burned out healthcare providers, costly chronic health conditions … Continue reading Reinventing Healthcare.


The newest acronym – WFH – or work from home – I believe has incredible potential to change the outlook and prospects for women. The realities of the COVID pandemic have had devastating effects on our communities, but I think there are hidden gems that will allow us to reset and restructure the way the … Continue reading WFH

Pay it forward

As I am about to complete my second master’s degree in six years, I have accumulated a vast amount of knowledge across three different disciplines. Within each course of study, I have found that there are a few singular pieces of information that resonate with me and that I hold on to as a guide … Continue reading Pay it forward


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