Get Busy Living

Quotes are a dime a dozen, but I think there are very few people who do not have a quote that truly resonates with them. We are all searching for meaning, purpose, knowledge and answers and quotes tend to provide some insight into our constant yearning for clarity in our lives. For me, the above quote from Einstein has been the guide in much of my daily and life decision making. The first time I read the quote, I had to step back and think about it to consider the intricacies and intention of the meaning. I am sure that these words had some unique value to Einstein and for me has nuances in my conceptualizations of the verbiage that were not of value to Einstein. I guess I like the thought that I can intellectually be on par with Einstein on some level (we probably all do). 

This particular blog is the last assignment of my MBA program and marks the competition of two masters degrees in six years in my path to reinvention. No more homework. No more tests. I get my weekends back! Several people questioned my reasoning in going to back to school yet again, but my explanation can revert back to the above quote. Without continuing to evolve my thinking and creating a strong foundation for knowledge, my ideas may not be at the level of solving problems but merely creating problems. It is the process of thinking with a broad focus that develops possibilities. It is the risk to build the foundation that maximizes your potential, stretches thinking and helps make the world that surrounds you a little better.

This take us to the quote most of us know:

Being comfortable in the unknown comes from our foundational knowledge. We can look at the world and realize that ultimate knowledge and truth are not truly obtainable. We must continually reevaluate the world and decisions and move beyond just the status quo. Rigidity in our thinking limits our potential and can ultimately cause harm to those around us.

We have choices in life…. we can just fall down when life seems challenging..

Roll Over GIFs | Tenor

Or we can start rolling with the flow and get moving! That looks like a lot more fun to me!

So why reinvent? Why take on education and degrees? Why push the thresholds of jobs, opportunities and life? I believe you do this because you can. While life may throw roadblocks in our way, we are limitless when we choose to pursue what is important to us. I can tell you in the past two years since I started the MBA program, I have received two promotions, embarked on a new career path, doubled my salary, bought a second home and new car for myself as a graduation present. I did this by continuing to believe in myself even when it felt hard or uncertain and I know there is just the beginning. We have to either get busy living or get busy dying.

I’d rather choose a life that is limitless and I can look back on with pride, peace and a lot of laughter.

What do you want to achieve? What are you mental barriers to your success and how to you supersede them? I would love to hear your story!

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